Darlene loves to see musical potential released and realized from younger to older people and encourages people express their heart through music.

She is an experienced music educator, music curriculum designer and developer.  She designed, developed and directed the music programs at Institute of Music Ministry at Pacific Life Bible College (PLBC) until April 2014.  Currently, she teaches college level theory, song writing, arranging, and music charting on contract.

She teaches the following:

  • Theory (classical, contemporary, jazz)
  • Arranging and charting (using Sibelius music software)
  • Song Writing
  • Private Piano  (35+ years of experience)
  • Vocal Coach (35+ years of experience)
  • Gospel-style Singing Workshops – soloists and choral (with Marcus Mosely and Bill Sample)
  • Church Music
  • Music teaching methods
  • Music curriculum development